Guide to Michael Pollan’s Cooked by Instaread

PLEASE NOTE: This is a companion to Michael Pollan’s Cooked and NOT the original book.




Cooked (2013) by Michael Pollan is a journalistic study of cooking in the modern world, where convenience foods have rendered the need to cook and the knowledge of cooking relatively rare. Cooking is essentially defined as the transformation of raw ingredients using fire to make barbecue, water to make braises, air to make bread, and earth to make fermented food. Cooking helps to pre-digest raw ingredients…


Inside this companion to the book:


·        Overview of the Book

·        Insights from the Book

·        Important People

·        Author's Style and Perspective

·        Intended Audience


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Author: Instaread
Instaread, 01 May 2017 - 23 pages