The Sallie and Stacy Saunders Story

Sallie Harding Saunders and her husband, Stacy Saunders, were pioneers in many ways. Sallie and Stacy eloped in 1909 and the life they created is the story presented here. They taught school in Puerto Rico. Sallie became a medical doctor and eventually the Director of Maternal and Child Care in Massachusetts. She was responsible for innovations and legislation to provide care for premature infants. Stacy lost his eyesight yet graduated from law school and began working on cases for Harvard University. After seventeen years of being blind a miraculous surgery restored his eyesight. The history of Sallie and Stacy intertwines with the towns of Medway, Hopedale and Winthrop, MA. The reader will find personalized accounts of hurricanes; notations about Winthrop's narrow gauge railroad; descriptions of the boat building business their son-in-law and grandson became involved with; and remembrances of the 1960 Electra plane crash as well as the special places they called home.
Author: Susan Chapman Melanson, 13 Jul 2008 - 288 pages