A New View of Women's Sexual Problems

Take a new look at women’s sexuality!

This fascinating book looks at the wide-ranging therapeutic, social, and political implications of the new paradigm of women’s sexuality. International in scope and multidisciplinary in approach, A New View of Women’s Sexual Problems examines the theoretical and practical effects of the landmark document produced by the Working Group on a New View of Women’s Sexuality. The book brings together gender theory, psychology, social science, and medicine in a powerful cultural critique of the reigning medical approach to women’s sexual health. International experts from India, Costa Rica, Israel, the US, and many other cultures place this revolutionary idea in cultural and political context, as well as extrapolating fresh new treatment options for dealing with women’s sexual problems.

A New View of Women’s Sexual Problems analyzes the new paradigm’s implications in many fields, including:
  • family medicine
  • couples counseling for straight and lesbian partners
  • STD prevention and sexual health issues
  • sex therapy
  • sex education
  • feminist theory
  • developmental psychology
Author: Ellyn Kaschak, Leonore Tiefer
Routledge, 25 Feb 2014 - 244 pages