The Invisible Alliance

Explore the relationship between psychology and spirituality from a feminist perspective!

From the editor: “There are forces in the universe about which we know nothing and can learn nothing through empiricism and material means. Such forces can be invoked in the process of therapy to assist in healing, to deepen experience, and to free us from the confining limits of the human mind. This is a book about the spiritual within each of us and about spirituality as it extends beyond any of us to embrace all of us. It deals with inspiration and passion, sorrow and loss, meaning and depth. It focuses upon the relationship between matters of spirit and of psychology, leading to new treatments within the parameters of psychotherapy that extend its vision far beyond the treatment of affliction.”

The Invisible Alliance: Psyche and Spirit in Feminist Therapy provides you with a comprehensive review of multiculturalism and its relationship with feminism and spirituality and explores:
  • ways to incorporate Jewish principles and beliefs into feminist therapy
  • the application of religious sources of passion and perspective to parenting and working with children
  • ways to combine Christian and Wiccan philosophies in therapy
  • a provocative approach for integrating Christian biblical teachings into feminist therapy for survivors of sexual abuse
  • ways that Buddhist ideas can enrich the understanding of the self and identity
  • a case study of ancient healing traditions used by Latinas
  • criteria for therapists to use in deciding whether to work with clients dealing with spiritual/religious issues or refer them to someone more appropriate
  • a way to use the power of ritual to heal and give more meaning to important life transitions
Author: Ellyn Kaschak
Routledge, 25 Feb 2021 - 238 pages