Dancing on Hot Macadam

This is the first comprehensive study of one of the world's most gifted and exciting writers. It follows Peter Carey's career from the nightmare-haunted stories of The Fat Man in History and War Crimes to the madcap satire of Bliss, from Illywhacker's picaresque landscapes to Oscar and Lucinda's glittering achievement, and the powerfully confronting vision of The Tax Inspector. Dancing on Hot Macadam is a lucid account of Peter Carey's fiction and its intriguing critical reception. It explores his preoccupation with imprisonment and metamorphosis, and the desire of his characters to escape from bewildering roles, relationships and societies.Dancing on Hot Macadam is another volume in the excellent Studies inAustralian Literature series ... It is a sound and persuasive critique thatgets much better as it goes along.Times Literary SupplementThe book contains a lot of ideas ... and will be the base from which to drawthe map of Carey's fiction as it develops further.Julian Croft Weekend Australian
Author: Anthony J. Hassall
Univ. of Queensland Press, 25 Jan 1998 - 251 pages

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